Inspiring Change – Everyday, Everywhere
because nature is not confined to one place.
Inspiring Change – Everyday, Everywhere


“The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind” – Paracelsus

Inspiring Change is an environmental spiritual movement that strives towards aiding and supporting the world in paving its path towards sustainability. It is a movement born in the heart of Reem Al Mealla who carries an ocean of ideas, positive energy, courageous dreams and conducts actual work on the ground.

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The founder of Inspiring change, Reem Al Mealla is a young Bahraini woman who is a nature lover by default, a Biodiversity Conservation & Marine Specialist by profession, a climate advocate by concern and the brain behind bnature…

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To contribute towards transforming the world to one that is healed through maximising human potential, helping individuals to recognise their highest purpose in life and the power that they have to impact this world positively…

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The world is a reflection of our inner self. With that in mind, the current state of the world is going through hard times with events revolving around conflict; violence, which is fuelled by hatred, racism, sexism, lack of compassion and the list goes on…

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News and Events

Reem’s Journey: Making it as a Female Scientist in Bahrain

Ever wondered about Reem’s journey when it comes to her scientific career and becoming a marine biologist? Read more to find out.

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10 Young Bahraini Women You Should Know

In celebration of Bahraini Women’s Day, meet this year’s list of 10 young Bahraini women you should know.

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Opportunity: Volunteer Research Assistant

Reem is seeking one or two volunteers to help in surveying Bahrain’s coral reefs for her project! This could be your opportunity to experience real time scientific research that lays the foundation for conservation!

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Reem awarded the M.E.I Award

On International Women’s Day, Reem was awarded the M.E.I (Motivational. Empowering. Inspirational) Women’s Award from the University of Essex (UK).

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